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At Omnidoctor we work on a daily basis to provide solutions for all kinds of patients who, for various reasons, have difficulties in accessing a professional’s advice regarding certain medical needs.

We want to be a platform of trust for our patients, making available a wide variety of doctors and psychologists at any time and from anywhere. We are among the best medical apps, because, unlike other pages of medical consultations where to find information, Omnidoctor also gives you the option of having medical consultations online.

We live in a time when our model of life keeps us, in general, in constant movement and submits us to high levels of stress. Therefore, we find it increasingly difficult to take time out and deal with issues as important as our health and ours.

Sometimes we suffer ailments that would need to consult a doctor even though they do not appear to be serious, because of this we do not consider it necessary to make the effort to move and sometimes we look for free medical forums. There are some medical pages to consult unreliable and this causes, among other things, cases of self-medication that may be more dangerous than the disease itself, and cases in which they develop more serious diseases that can generate all kinds of complications. This could be avoided by having access to talking to a doctor online.

We put at your disposal a wide variety of health professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields. In addition, they have been trained in remote video conferencing, so they provide the best medical consultations possible.

You can contact your doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist quickly, comfortably, easily and without geographical barriers

General medicine
Psychology / Psychiatry

You may have never considered getting an online medical consultation, or asking for psychological help online, but through our health app, a doctor or an online psychologist can help.

After each consultation you will have the possibility of evaluating the attention received and the effectiveness of the visit. You will have access to these ratings and the opinions of other users. We care very much for your opinion, since it helps us to improve.