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Telemedicine is the provision of remote medical services. Both via telephone as well as doing medical consultations over the internet.
The applications for healthcare are very broad and is a field in constant growth.
From Omnidoctor we offer both medical consultations and online psychologists’ attention. To this end, we use videoconsultation, so you can speak and interact with live video feed with an online doctor as well as make a psychological consultations online, through the screen of their respective devices, whether these are mobile phones, computers or tablets. Unlike other medical apps, with Omnidoctor there is chance of exchanging files such as photos or medical tests, which allows us to better guide you about your health problems, and provide solutions to them.
We put at your disposal a doctor 24 hours online.

Yes. After asking your questions to our doctors online, our doctors can issue prescription drugs and we can send it to your home through our application. You should bear in mind that our online doctor will not prescribe narcotic drugs (opiates).

Yes, extremely safe! All inquiries through Omnidoctor are treated privately and confidentially in accordance with current legislation in this regard (LOPD 15/1999), Law 41/2002). So you can perform the medical questions you want as communications are fully encrypted and data stored safely, overcoming aspects of ISO / IEC 27400, a reference in the sector.

The password access system is a protection mechanism to maintain the privacy of your information, so do not worry more than to report the theft and try to recover your mobile.

It is very simple to use. You can download it for free, and then have it ready for you when you have a medical question or look for a psychologist on the internet. That way you will save time looking for doctors online.
When you download and register you will be asked for your personal data as well as to accept the security conditions (which, as we already mentioned, fully comply with current regulations).
At the moment you need to ask questions to your doctor online, you just have to enter, enter your username and password, and start the consultation with your doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. The professional will be able to review the symptoms and health data that you have recorded, prior to the beginning of the video consultation.
Remember to have an official personal identification document (DN.I. or passport) on hand to show the doctor that he will request it at the beginning of the video consultation so that no one can impersonate you.
You can, through live videoconference, talk about the health problem you want to consult. The professional will guide you towards the best solution, and, if you need it, will prescribe a recipe that will reach your e-mail. Subsequently, you will receive a written summary by the doctor in the form of a report.
As you can see, contacting an online doctor is quick, simple and agile so that it can be used by all kinds of people regardless of their age or computer knowledge.

With Omnidoctor you can request medical attention online for a large number of health problems but not all. We invite you to consult our website in the “What we are dealing with” section of General Medicine (link) or Mental Health (link) before requesting and paying for the consultation.

It is possible that, especially during consultations with online psychologists, you prefer not to show your face all the time. If this makes you feel more comfortable, it is feasible since in the application there is the option of “audio only”. So the virtual psychologist or the doctor in consultation adapts to your needs.

As you already know a psychiatrist is a doctor specialized in giving solutions to problems related to emotions and the mind. Many people suffer from this type of symptoms in silence and do not make a consultation with the doctor, or they get lost trying to look for medical diagnoses online, without realizing that they can be on a little contrasted medical page. Consult the appropriate doctor on the same platform and ask him all your medical questions. You will receive the answer and the treatment.

Our application is optimized for web and mobile environment. Therefore, to seek medical help online, you only need a computer, tablet or smart mobile phone *, as well as an internet connection to enjoy the best service.
* The app for medical consultations or to deal with an online psychologist is available for iPhone 4s or higher and for Android as of version 4.1 or higher.

The majority (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, Safari is not for now) are compatible with our application and allow you to connect with your doctor online without any problem.

In fact, in our medical app, a minor can be linked to an adult’s account and thus be able to access the medical service through the internet of Omnidoctor.

To create a family profile, you can manage it from “my profile” or when you start a query, in the first step.

You must be 18 years old to have your own account.

Our prices are the most competitive in the market, check our home page to see the current price and promotional offers.
The visit with your doctor online effectively includes, when required, the prescription of certain drugs, although you must pay the full amount of the drug in your pharmacy.

All credit cards are accepted: VISA, Mastercard, American Express.

If our system detects that during the use of the online medical office, the videoconference has not finished correctly, a code is generated with which you can access a video consultation “a posteriori” at no additional cost.

We carry out campaigns with offers to enjoy our medical advice services with great discounts. Find yours and solve your medical questions online!

No. The decision to inform your doctor of the doctor’s appointment in Omnidoctor depends solely on you, bearing in mind that the guidance received in Omnidoctor does not replace a face-to-face consultation with your usual doctor.